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2016 3-D Season

2016 Shoot Schedule
Note all shoots are trickle start at 8:00am to 10:00am except as noted below. 

For any (2) day shoot you can shoot either day or both days but you must turn in your first score card if you shoot from the same stake on both days or shoot from a different stake in another class.

!!!!!! There are 1 shotgun start at 8:00am this year the 2-Man Scramble!!!!!!

                               !!!!! There shall be a
minimum of 2 adult shooters in each group!!!!!


Directions: From Clearwater, go west on Ross st., (103rd ), for about 5 miles, stay on blacktop and follow the curves, to 215th st. Then turn north on 215th and the club is on the left when you reach the dead end.

         !!!!!!!!!!!!January 1st club membership needs to be renewed to get the combination to the gate!!!!!!!!!! 

Jim McKusker 316-305-8820
Mike Hoover 316-706-4823
Darrell Allen 316-706-5846
Nick Kakoulias 620-584-6949

Club membership dues can be mailed or dropped off at the club shoot.
Ninnescah Bowhunters
PO Box 656
Clearwater, Kansas 67026

              !!! All score cards for the regular 3D Sunday shoots need to be at 3:30pm sharp!!!

     !!!!!!!!Special note: The Bonus shot now adds 10 points to your score card if you hit it !!!!!!!!

July 19th, 2016
Tuesday evening 3-D league. Will run for 8 weeks every Tuesday evening. $7:00 per shoot, 3:30-5:00 Trickle start. Count best 6 out of 8 shoots. Money payback. 24 targets.

                !!!!!Two club shoots added to the calendar in red !!!!!!




  • President – Nick Kakoulias

  • Vice President/Tournament Chair – Darrell Allen

  • Treasurer – Jim McKusker

  • Secretary – Carla Kakoulias

  • Publicity Chair – Mike Hughbanks

  • Range Captains – Mike Hoover - Jody Hartman  - Ryan McDowell

  • Representatives
    • Henry Boss
    • Claude Allen








Club meetings at 7:00pm on the listed dates will be held at the Nick Kakoulias residence: 20230 W. 119th St. S, Conway Springs, KS Phone – 620-584-6949


2016 3-D Shoot Schedule


• 6th – Club Meeting

• 17th – Club Shoot


• 3rd – Club Meeting

• 20th & 21st- Club Shoot & Chili Feed (on Sunday only).


• 2nd – Club Meeting

• 19th & 20th – Club Shoot


• 6th - Club Meeting

• 16th & 17th – Club Shoot

• 23rd & 30th - RANGE CLOSED – Special shoots to be held for Archery in the Schools program.


• 4th - Club Meeting

• 14th & 15th – Club Shoot


• 1st – Club Meeting

• 5th – 2 MAN SCRAMBLE -$40 Team entry fee – 60% payback. Shotgun start at 8:00 A.M. Registration 7:00 to 8:00 A.M. Top 5 teams to shoot off for 1st,2nd and 3rd for 50%/30%/20% split of prize money.

• 18th & 19th – BOWHUNTER JAMBOREE – this year will be run like our normal two day shoot but with door prizes and raffles on Sunday.


• 6th – Club Meeting

• 16th & 17th – Club Shoot

• 30th & 31st - Club Shoot


• 3rd – Club Meeting

• 20th & 21st – Club Shoot


3rd & 4th - Club Shoot

• 7th – Club Meeting

• 17th & 18th - Pre-Season Club Shoot –*Rangefinders will be allowed for competition at this shoot only. Wounds will score as (negative) -5.

Note: For any (2) day shoot you can shoot either day or both days but you must turn in your first scorecard if you shoot from the same stake on both days, OR shoot from a different stake in another class and compete in another class.

Except for the 2 Man Scramble, all other shoots are trickle start with registration times as follows:
SATURDAY -8:00 am to 10:00 am SUNDAY – 8:00 am to 10:00 am


Prices for 3-D shoots (except  for  2 Man Scramble ) are as follows: $12.00 Non-members (including youth) $7.00 members (including youth) $3.00 cubs ages 9 –13, Jr. Cubs (0 – 8) shoot free..

Shoots consist of 48 3-D targets (24 targets shot twice at different stakes in each class) at unmarked yardages.

3-D targets consist of a wide variety of Rhinehart targets set up in interesting
and challenging shot scenarios.

Family membership:
$40.00 a year,

Membership includes camping and fishing privileges at the club.   All shoots are open to the public – a membership is not required.  
Clean portable toilet facilities available.
See website for additional info or contact:


  • Jim McKusker – 316-305-8820
  • Darrell Allen – 316-706-5846
  • Nick Kakoulias – 620-584.6949
  • Mike Hoover – 316-706-4823


Shoot guidelines are as follows:

There shall be a minimum of (2) ADULT Shooters in each group.  Groups should not include no more than (5) shooters if possible to control congestion on the range.  Binoculars will be allowed.  *Range finding devices of any kind will not be allowed in a group shooting for competition but can be used in groups that are not competing .   No alcohol, no crossbows allowed on the shooting range. Scorecard turn in time 3:30.

No discounts will be given for non-competitive shooting .  Engraved plaques will be awarded for 1st,2nd,  and 3rd in all shooting  divisions.

See back for map to the range.


Shooting Classes:  Awards given
For 1st, 2nd, 3rd in the following:

Release - Master
Release - Bowhunter
Release – Novice
Women – Compound
Traditional – Men
Traditional – Women
Seniors (55 and older)
Youth –(age 14 to 17)
Cubs –(age 9 to 13)
Jr Cubs – (age 0 to 8)


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